Integrated Business Solution

As your company evolves and grows, you need the flexibitilty, scalability, and functionality in an integrated business system. SEG IT offers turnkey integrated solutions designed specifically for your business. SEG IT offers integrated ERP and CRM solutions that are affordable, customizable and quickly implemented.


As the foundation for an integrated set of affordable end-to-end business management applications, Sage Accpac can help your business be more productive, more informed, and more profitable from one end to the other and back again. With Sage Accpac's end-to-end solutions, your Web store can receive information from your warehouse, your warehouse can receive information from your sales department, and your CFO can receive information from everyone.

Integrated Business Solution

True Customer Visibility

SageCRM enables front and back office employees to discover and share meaningful customer insight based on a combination of CRM- and ERP-derived intelligence. The true customer visibility of Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite enables:

  1. Sales teams to maximize their revenue potential through the identification of latent cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within their customer base.
  2. Sales representatives to book orders correctly, first time, every time, by providing them with access to the account, pricing, and stock information they need to do their jobs effectively.
  3. Customer service representatives to address customer queries with confidence by providing them with the shipping, invoicing, and returns information that they need to do their jobs effectively.
  4. Customer service managers to ensure that their customers are current on maintenance and service contracts, and that their service level agreements are delivered on a profitable basis.
  5. Marketing executives to carry out detailed financial segmentation on their customer bases to support highly targeted and effective go-to-market programs.
  6. Marketing managers to calculate “real-world” return-on-investment based on actual revenue yield from their marketing programs.


All Sage Accpac end-to-end solutions work seamlessly with your Sage Accpac accounting and operations system, so you can be sure your general ledger is in the loop at all times.