Benefits of an ERP System

Looking for an enterprise solution that helps improve operational efficiency and profitability?


Improve Efficiency, Reducing Operating Cost

Many companies have information about their customer, suppliers and inventory stored in disparate systems, resulting in difficulties for employees across departments to work efficiently. Managers are unable to get a clear view of the entire business because information is spread across the organization.


To help businesses enhance operational efficiency and reduce operational cost, SEG offers customizable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions that integrates your business operations and financials into one system. The integrated system will provide you with real-time access to sales, stocks and financial information so that you can make better business decision and communicate effectively with suppliers, employees and customers. Employees no longer need to transfer information from one system to another, reducing time, error and cost.


Improve Profitability

Most business managers know how profitable the company is in general, but few of them know how profitable it is on a per-product or per-customer basis.  However, this level of understanding is necessary in order to develop and implement the right growth strategy. Knowing the products or customers that generate the most profit for a particular month or period, you can strategize your marketing and sales effort to focus on the products, services and customers to increase sales.


With real-time access to your financial information, you can also investigate the cause of declining profit; make decision to improve profitability by passing the price increase on COGS to the customer or negotiate new terms with your vendors.


Improve cash flow

Sage Accpac accounts receivable (AR) system can help monitor progress towards getting and keeping customers current. The AR aging report helps reveal delinquent customers that have not paid on time. Instead of dipping into a line of credit, you can mount an aggressive collection campaign to improve cash flow.