Equipment Maintenance & Scheduling

SEG IT Equipment Maintenance & Scheduling is a web-based asset maintenance and management system that allow you to track, schedule and manage maintenance work perform on your equipment or assets. It is a simple, yet powerful program that enable to you plan and create work schedule for your team, generate work orders, send notifications & alerts, track inventory, labor cost and more.


The Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solutions come with a workflow management feature that allows you setup the workflow according to the way you operate. You can assign, escalate or request approval on a work order. Managers and technician can track and update work status through their laptops or mobile applications, providing instant work status update to your entire crew.


Efficient maintenance management software that manages everything from scheduling work orders to inventory control

Key Features:

  • Assets: Track, manage asset across multiple business units, region or locations.
  • Maintenace Planning: Plan and schedule maintenance work.
  • Work Orders: Create, dispatch, approve, receive, track, manage work orders and cost including labor, material and service charges.
  • Inventory: Real-time inventory tracking and usage.
  • Vendors: Manage vendors and purchases.
  • Managers: Simplify management and gain greater control of work and service personnel.
  • Collaboration: Connect managers, staff, tenants, and vendors.


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