Sage Accpac ERP Features

Flexible, Scalable & Customizable Solution

Sage Accpac ERP software is a fully customizable ERP solutions developed by Sage Software. With Accpac ERP, you can create a perfect, lasting fit for your business by implementing solutions tailored specifically to your needs.


Sage Accpac ERP offers the freedom of choice, seamless integration, high performance and reliability that forward-thinking companies rely on to increase profitability and gain competitive advantage.The modular design enable you to subscribe to modules you need today, then building out your financial system over time by adding more SAGE ACCPAC modules and Optional products.


Back office ERP


  • Scalable
  • With three Accpac ERP editions to choose from, your system grows with you.

  • Customisable
  • A modular structure and customisable screens and fields make it easy to tailor Sage Accpac ERP to meet your unique requirements.

  • Designed for global business
  • On top of exceptional multi-currency capabilities, Sage Accpac ERP has also been translated into a number of languages and is supported by partners in more than 70 countries.

  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Thanks to a highly intuitive graphical interface, learning how to use the solution is quick and easy. Also, all the modules have the same look and feel, so once you learn how to move through one module, the learning curve is short for the others.

  • Web-enabled
  • Web, desktop, or both? The choice is yours with flexible deployment options.

  • Available for a choice of databases & environments
  • The solution can be deployed on multiple database platforms and supports multiple environment platforms.


Accpac ERP also enables data processing to be distributed across multiple servers, as number of users increases, enabling multiple servers to share the load of processing. Each application delivers transparent, bi-directional data flow between all parts of your system - back-office, front-office, warehouse and more.



Accpac Dashboard:

Accpac Dashboard

Benefits of Sage Accpac

Sage Accpac ERP offers businesses a variety of benefits such as increased productivity, enhance workflow, reduced costs, improved decision-making and more.


Sage Accpac give businesses the ability to:

  • Instant Access to Business Information and Reports
  • Sage Accpac ERP Flexible data analysis tools give you a comprehensive view of your business' data, helping you make informed business decisions and respond rapidly to market changes. Flexible data analysis tools give you a comprehensive view of your business' data, helping you make informed business decisions and respond rapidly to market changes.

  • Understand Customers Better and Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • With Sage CRM you can build and effectively manage lasting customer relationships by providing a professional level of service. Sage CRM integrates easily with Sage Accpac and allows access to vital customer information. Companies can better manage business by integrating field sales, internal sales, customer care and marketing information.

  • Lower Operational Costs
  • The Sage Accpac solution enables businesses to fully manage and reduce costs in areas such as customer receivables, stock, production, purchasing, projects and jobs whilst reducing costs involved with owning and operating information systems.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Sage Accpac ERP assists companies to integrate and gain a unified view of the business processes. The organization will thus have better control over inventory movement and the production process. The solution provides integrated view of the purchase, accounts production and Sales departments. The response time to the customer improves as the processing time is shortened. Robust reporting allows senior management to track process efficiency.

  • Streamline Business Processes

    Sage Accpac ERP enables organisations to streamline and automate financial and operational processes. The extended functionality in Sage Accpac ERP allows best practices to be implemented and subsequently reliance on subsidiary data systems such as spreadsheets is dramatically reduced.

  • Improve Sales Effectiveness
  • The sales force automation built into Sage CRM provides visibility of what prospective sales are "on the table", what stage they are up to, the planned steps and activities, the expected close date and any supporting documents such as emails that are relevant to the prospective sale. In addition, sales managers have the ability to monitor the activities of individual sales people, report on win/loss, track forecasts and manage the sales pipeline.

Overall, Sage Accpac helps business operate more efficiently and profitably, providing better control, tighter integration, and more flexibility.


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